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New York City – Cheap, fast and delicious

The great thing about eating in New York City is the sheer number and variety of places to eat.  By some estimates, there are over 25,000 restaurants in NYC.  This means, you could have breakfast, lunch and dinner at a different place everyday for over 20 years!

They range from high end 3 Michelin Star places to street food.  In this blog, I will list a few of the places I visited that were cheap, fast and delicious.

Bagels – Best Bagel & Coffee – I choose this place based on a combination of reviews and proximity to the hotel.  I wanted somewhere to go for breakfast shortly after checking in.  The line was huge in the morning around 9AM, but the line moves fairly quick.


I ordered a plain bagel with lox spread.  The bagel was nice and chewy and the spread was well seasoned and delicious.


Curry “Empanada” – While walking around Manhattan we came across the Indonesian Street Festival.  I had these very delicious curry empanadas from a stall which I did not catch the name – sorry!


Burgers – Shake Shack – The first time I had Shake Shack was in New York, and it was so delicious I think we went back everyday for 3 days straight.  Although they are now open in many places around the world, I still find the New York locations to be the best tasting.  I always get the Shack Burger.


Dumplings – Vanessa Dumplings – This is a very small place located in Chinatown.  It is also very busy.  You basically either grab the first available table once someone gets up or eat outside.  Although very cheap, it was not a wow moment for me, and I found that the skin was a bit thick for my liking.  I would not go out of my way to return here.  We had the pork and chive and pork and cabbage dumplings.  We also had a beef sesame pancake sandwich.



Pizza – Bleecker Street Pizza – We had the nonna maria which is like a classic margherita and a classic cheese.  Both were very good.  If I was in the area, I would return.  There are so many pizza places to try in NYC!  I choose this place because I watched a Youtube video where a blogger brought an Italian guy who has never had NYC Style pizza to 5 different places, and this was the one he said was best.



Hot Dog – Gray’s Papaya – This is one place I always try to go to whenever I am in NYC.   Its cheap, quick and delicious.  My favorite part about the experience is the snap from the casing of the hot dog once you bite into it.  Its perfect.  This time, I also tried a corn dog.  It was good, but next time, I will stick to the bun version only.



Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is another place I will usually visit on every trip to NYC.  Here are the food stalls we went to on this trip:

Seafood – The Lobster Place – Every time I go to Chelsea Market, this place is a must.  The oysters are good, but I come for the Uni, in the shell.


Stand at the raw bar, order from the guys behind the counter, and enjoy!  There is also a place in there serving lobster rolls which are delicious.


Of all the places mentioned in this post, this one is probably the only one that would not fit into the “cheap” category, but its delicious and quick.

Los Tacos No 1 –  Depending on when you come, the line may be long but will move fairly fast.  It is a bit chaotic to get your food after, but its worth it.  I always get the abobada (pork; like al pastor).




After Chelsea Market, we will usually go for a walk on the Highline as its close by.  On this trip, after a few minutes, it rained heavily so we waited it out by trying some of the food available on the Highline.

La Sonrisa Empanadas – This was pretty good but the filling could of used more seasoning.  The sauces made up for it a bit though.


Berlin Currywurst – I had currywurst for the first time about 3 years ago in Munich.  It was heaven.  To this day, I have not found a better one.  The problem with most of the ones I have had, even in Germany, is that the curry is powder and sprinkled on after.  I like when the curry is mixed into the sauce like the first time I had it.  I usually just make it at home as a result.  This one was ok.


Mao Bao – At first I thought they were selling XLBs, but these are just plain dumplings without soup.  They were also ok.  A bit expensive for what you get.


Overall, I found that the food on the Highline was just ok.  I would not return.  If you are hungry and its convenient, the food would be decent but I would not go out of my way.

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