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Cote – Michelin Starred Korean BBQ? Really?

Yes, really.  Cote in New York City is a Michelin starred Korean BBQ restaurant, and it is fully deserved.  This place is unbelievably good.

The beef is dry aged.  Who does that for Korean BBQ?  We had the omakase.  It started with uni and oysters:


…and then various cuts of beef…


…and in true Korean style, tons of side dishes…


The grill is oiled using the fat from Wagyu.

…and the meal ends with some noodles, that pairs well with the galbi…



Service was very good.  Each cut was explained, and the servers basically cook the meat for you.  Every single thing I ate that night was delicious.  All too often, “elevated” Asian restaurants are disappointing.  Why pay $30 for fancy Pho when the $5 street version is better?  In this case, I believe the price is worth it.  The quality of the meat is spectacular.  I would return.  10/10

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