Nodaiwa -Japanese Food in Paris Improves Greatly

Although I love food from all over the world, I cannot go many days in a row without thinking of Asian food.  Sushi in Paris, Pho in Lyon, sure I’ve done that.  The first time I had sushi at a “high end” restaurant in Paris over 10 years ago, I thought it was horrible.  fast forward to 2019, and we have Nodaiwa in Paris.  The restaurant also has a branch in Tokyo and specializes in Unagi – freshwater eel (anago is salt water eel).  Note that they specialize in eel so if you are looking for sushi, they have sashimi you can order as a side dish but should probably go somewhere that is known for sushi.

I booked on the Fork (basically Opentable for Europe), arrived early, and was seated right away.

The interior was very Japanese – clean and simplistic.  Servers were all Japanese except the host.

I ordered the Fuji which is a 200g portion of grilled unagi with sauce (Unagi sauce is a thickened soy sauce made sweet).  The meal comes with hot broth, pickled vegetables, and radish.



Although the eel comes with sauce, you can add more if you like, and spice too.  The broth was very simple and delicious.  The eel was fantastic.  Texture, and taste were very good.  I would happily return here on future trips to Paris, when looking for a change from French food.  9/10

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