Icelandair 168 – Vancouver YVR to Reykjavik KEF – Saga Class

This flight was on a 757 in Saga Class.  Although it is a long haul flight, the seats are similar to domestic first/business class (IE no lay flat; only recliner).


We had seats 2A and 2C.  These were the second row on the left side of the plane.  Note that seats 2D and 2F are the bulkhead on the right side (there is no row 1 on the right side of the plane).  I do not recommend sitting in the bulkhead.  Although I observed cutouts, the leg room is reduced.  Here is a picture of seats 2D and 2F.


In general, I was happy with the seats.  However, here are the negatives:

  • when the seat in front of you is reclined, your space is significantly reduced; more so than on a domestic first/business set up
  • after a while, I found the seat very stiff
  • although a pillow is provided, you have to ask for blankets


Here is the legroom.  I was happy with the leg room as I could fully stretch and the foot rest was functional.



There were nice wide touchscreens provided, but I found the movie selection limited.  I ended up watching older movies.  The free wifi in Saga Class worked well throughout the entire flight.



I found that the food was good and enjoyed the wide selection of Gin.  To me, the food reflected the local food of Iceland which is good ingredients, simply prepared.


Service was good.  Not overly friendly nor attentive, but not bad.  Everything you ask for comes right away.

Overall, this was a pleasant flight.  It was hard to sleep obviously compared to a lay flat seat, but I still managed to sleep 3-4 hours on a 7 hour flight, and arrived feeling good.


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