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Grey Gardens – Pastas Were the Standout

On a quick stopover in Toronto, I had the opportunity to check out Grey Gardens.  We were coming in late from Colombia and had a 10:30PM reservation on a Tuesday night.  Shout out to the kitchen and staff who were so nice to maintain the service without feeling rushed even though we were the last guests in.

Here is the menu that night.


We started with the Smoked Fish.  The chips were homemade and the dip was delicious.  It was a great start.


Next we ordered some oysters.  The oysters themselves were fresh and delicious, but the sauces themselves were not.  One was parsley based and the other was a citrus “wax”.  Neither tasted good with the oysters.


For vegetables we tried the beets.  They were good.


This was followed by the crispy pig’s head which was also good.  I liked the fact that they had interesting things on the menu like this.  The kitchen is clearly putting a lot of thought into the menu.


Next were my favorite dishes of the night.  The pastas.  First was the Gigli – oxtail, paprika, and napa.  It was like a bolognese.  The pasta was cooked well and the dish was very savory.


After that, the fettuccine – uni and cremini.  Another dish I was very excited to see on the menu.  Whenever I see uni and pasta on a menu, its a good sign.  The flavor was good, and there were pieces of uni in the dish.


The last savory dish was the lobster.


We ordered to desserts to end the meal.


Service was excellent.  Overall this was a great meal.  The kitchen is open so you can see everything going on.


The menu is interesting, and the flavors are good.  I would return to try out new things as the menu changes.  8.5/10.


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