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La Vitrola – THE Place to Eat in Cartagena?

When doing research on where to eat in Cartagena, you will most likely come across La Vitrola.  The New York Times wrote about it as do many other websites.  This is supposed to be THE place to eat and be seen in Cartagena.  Did it live up to expectations?  NO.

It is supposed to be hard to get a reservation here.  I booked through my credit card concierge service.  I started with a shot of aguardiente.


This was my first aguardiente experience.  I did not use the lime or salt.  I like to sip it on the rocks (it also pairs well with mango).    It reminds me of ouzo.

Anyway, for starter we had a fish carpaccio with aged balsamic.  It was ok.


For main I had the Peruvian seafood stew.  There was nothing spectacular about this dish.  In fact, it was bland and under-seasoned.  They could of developed the broth more.


The service was ok.  In the end, there was nothing particularly outstanding about this restaurant that deserves all the hype.  I had much better meals in Cartagena which I will post later on.  Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, but this is a city known for seafood.  Would not return.  5.5/10.


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