Las Vegas to Vancouver – Air Canada Rouge – Premium Rouge AC1897 – Bulkhead Seat Review

Flight Date – January 15, 2019

Airbus 319; AC1897

Seats 2A and 2C (bulkhead)

Air Canada Rouge is a subsidiary of Air Canada and is used mainly for vacation destinations.  There is no business class, but what they call Premium Rouge.  In my opinion, it is somewhere in between a premium economy and domestic business class.

I have always found the service on Rouge flights to be very good and friendly.  This flight was no exception.  The attendant, Marko, in our cabin, provided excellent service.

The meal was pretty good, and for those who value it, Rouge serves large portions.

The seat – for me, booking a bulkhead seat involves risk.  Sometimes the wall is placed far from the seat (or in the best case, there is no wall in front of you) giving you a lot of legroom with the added benefit that no one can recline on you.  However, sometimes the opposite is true.  Sometimes the bulkhead is placed too close to your seat, and you cannot fully stretch your legs, in which case, you are better off in a non-bulkhead row.  This is one of those cases.

Although Seat Guru says 2A and 2C on this plane are considered “best seat in this cabin”, I do not agree.  The bulkhead impedes your ability to stretch out.  While the seat itself is fine, the leg room is not.  I would not suggest the bulkhead on this flight.

Another problem with this seat is that you are in the way of the curtain separating the galley.      Since there is no in flight entertainment, you are given an Ipad.  There is a convenient place to hang it on the wall in front of you, but every time the attendant opens and closes the curtain, the ipad will get covered and you will have to tuck the curtain behind the wall – every time!

Overall, the premium Rouge cabin is great, but I would avoid the bulkhead seats on this flight.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictures on this flight.


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