Don’t let the name fool you – Cafe Juanita is DELICIOUS Italian

Cafe Juanita is a highly rated Italian restaurant in Kirkland, Washington, about 20 minutes Northeast of Seattle. The meal started with some Focaccia bread that was good, but served cold. It would of been better slightly warm, or at least, room temp.

Next, some amuse including caviar, a sardine that had an anchovy flavor and was packed with umami, and pomodoro sauce.

More bread followed with parmesan crisp aged 30 months and tasted wonderful. Brilliant.

The first pasta dish was caviar with pasta. Very delicate. I would of liked the pasta more al dente though.

The second pasta dish was a lamb ravioli and it was so good that the only way to describe it is that my mouth was still dancing long after!

To relieve the richness of the pasta, they then served a tomato and peach nectar which added freshness to the meal.

Before the meat, a palate cleanser of rosemary and raspberry sorbet was served.

Then the main.

After, some strawberries with balsamic.

…and dessert…

Overall, service was good, and the atmosphere was very elegant, but not overly formal. The food was really good. These guys clearly understand flavor! Well executed Italian tasting menu which is not easy to do because simple well cooked Italian food is already perfect. I would return and recommend you check this place out! Really good.

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