When you have had your fill of Michelin Starred Restaurants in Oslo, EAT HERE

Oslo has a good food scene with plenty of Michelin starred restaurants. However, sitting for hours each evening at dinner can get tiring. Also, I found that many restaurants had similar menus in terms of ingredients used because they cook what was in season. Only the preparation differed. In Winter 2023, there was always scallop for example. Anyway, on my last night in the city, I ate at Den Glade Grisk which describes itself as a traditional Norwegian restaurant. The first thing I ordered was pork skin or as we call them Chicharron (every great food culture has this and I’m glad to see it in a European country!).

The chicharron was served with a bacon dip and was delicious. For my main, I had the pork knuckle (despite the name, this is the upper part of the pigs leg). It was crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. According to the menu, it was grilled for at least 5 hours. Served with some pickled veg to cut the richness and a mustard gravy. It was truly delicious.

For dessert, a white chocolate mousse with bacon bits. It sounds better than it tastes. It was just ok.

Overall, service was really good and the place has a rustic casual vibe. Its also open on Sundays when many of Oslo’s best restaurants are closed. The food is amazing. I would return and highly recommend.

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