Surrounded by beauty from building to food – D’Olier Street

For my last dinner in Dublin, I went to D’Olier Street restaurant which, at the time of writing, has a near perfect (4.9) score on Google, and is listed in the Michelin Guide (though I think it should have a star or two). The first thing I was blown away by was how beautiful the building is:

We were seated at the counter with a view of the open kitchen. I definitely recommend this seat as opposed to a table in the dining room.

I noticed one of the books in the pic above was a restaurant in Vancouver, and learned that one of two chefs had worked there briefly in the past. That made for some good conversation with the team. Here was the menu for the evening.

The meal started with some amuse, and two things struck me: the plating was gorgeous and the food was really really flavorful.

The next dish, the trout, is up there with one of the most beautifully plated dishes I have seen.

Next, more fish.


…and finally, the pork.

The desserts were the only part of the meal that had a “miss” for me. They were still gorgeous.

So what was the miss? Although the donut looked incredible, the texture and consistency was off. It didn’t taste like a donut. Everything else about the evening was perfect. From the food to the service, to the building and ambiance, this was an incredible dinner. I would return and recommend.

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