11 Woodfire is FIRE

11 Woodfire is a one Michelin starred restaurant in Dubai. After reading some mixed reviews online I was hesitant to go, but I’m glad I did, the food is incredible! Upon walking in you will notice a modern interior and open kitchen with wood and fire as the name suggests :).

Here was the menu for the evening. You should note that the place does not serve alcohol.

We started with the bone marrow and wagyu kebap. The bone marrow came with this amazing bread that reminded me of Chinese donuts. It was so good we ordered a second round of the bread to soak up all the sauces that would come with dishes throughout the evening. It would definitely be in my top 3 breads of all time; up there with Anna Lena’s torn bread.

Next up were jumbo prawns and calamari. Both very delicious.

Then we had the bone in rib eye and banna shallots on the side. The steak was one of the best, if not the best steak I have every had. Perfect, smoke, seasoning, crust, tenderness, and all around just amazing.

Lastly, we saw everyone ordering the burger and had to try it. One word describes this – HEAVEN.

For dessert, “bone marrow” dark chocolate.

Overall, this was a very very vey delicious meal. Service was pretty good. I would definitely go back when in Dubai.

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  1. surf, turf and marrow 2 ways. quite the sexy menu. i wonder if the chef has asian influence, with that “bread” which is delicious as a makeshift spoon to scoop up congee. that steak looks very sexy, exactly my own preference of light pink and a deep char crust. i hope you had the burger after the chocolate marrow dish, nothing like a burger dessert to wash down a steak, some surf, and wagyu skewars

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