Tori Ton Izakaya

Tori Ton is an Izakaya in Honolulu that has assorted small plates and yakitori. The interior is very reminiscent of a Japanese Izakaya. The service is friendly. We started with the Anchovy Butter fries which were delicious. Normally, when I order fries, there are some left at the end of the meal. They were finished before the meal even started!

Next, was the chicken char siu with spicy sauce which was also delicious.

Next came the yakitori which is where the results were mixed. The chicken breast with wasabi was dry and the U.S. Wagyu had an off smell. On the other hand, the pork wrapped Japanese rice, which was recommended by our server, was delicious. One thing about all the skewers is that I could taste the binchotan (Japanese Charcoal) which is what you want in a yakitori.

We also had the eel and ikura Kamaeshi (rice). It was just ok.

For dessert we had mochi ice cream.

Overall, the service was good and the food was hit or miss. The hits were really good, but the misses were average (except for the dried chix breast which was poor). Before coming back, I would try other izakayas in the city. If you do go, I would ask the server to guide you as whatever she recommended to us tended to be better.

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