Cheap fast delicious in London

Cheap is not a common word to describe food in London. Its an expensive city. However, there are options for cheap, fast and delicious food. One is The Kati Roll Company. The company actually started in NYC and they have a location in London (I only learned this now while doing research for this post).

I first had it a few years ago, and the fact that I still craved it on a recent trip to London, tells you just how good it is.

A Kati roll is some type of skewered meat wrapped in roti and complimented by sauces and various other toppings. The one I always get is the chicken tikka roll.

The chicken is delicious. Well seasoned and the taste from the grill comes through nicely with each bite. The sauces (always get an extra side of the green sauce – I believe its a cilantro and/or chili sauce) and onions come through next with a perfect amount of acidity, and then the warm bread finishes every bite off beautifully. I love it and look forward to having it every time I am in London (or NYC apparently) .

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