French Polynesia – Day 2ish – The Virtually Perfect Evening

When researching things to do in French Polynesia, a couple things stood out to put on my list. One was to have dinner on a motu (which is basically what they call a small private island) and another was to watch a Polynesian show with fire and dancing.

Due to the schedule of shows put on by hotels and pandemic restrictions, it was not possible to see a show unless it was privately arranged. The Sofitel had recommended I reach out to Motu Maiau to arrange an entire evening excursion, and I am so glad I did. Here was our experience.

Their driver picked us up at the hotel at 4:30PM to make it on time to their launch point just before sunset. Upon arrival, we were greeted with leis and a local band.

We then boarded a local canoe complete with the band, a guide and captain.

The guide then proceeded to make us cocktails in fresh coconuts. We had the gorgeous Moorea coastline, beautiful blue ocean, drinks, local music, and sunset, all together which made for a surreal experience. We also learned that the waters/lagoon surrounding each island were calm as they were protected by a natural reef barrier. A miracle of nature!

Once the sun set, it was time to head to the private island for dinner. As we approached the island, we could see another local music band on the beach waiting to greet us.

…and then the beautiful table they had set for our dinner.

After some welcome Champagne, it was time for the show. The show included a variety of acts and was incredible.

After the show, it was time to eat. The first dish they brought was poisson cru again, at my request, made fresh before our eyes. Unfortunately, just like the first time, I found it bland especially compared to poke and ceviche. The other food was just ok, hence the word “virtually” in the title of this post. However, ok food was offset by the complete experience of everything else around me, that for a rare time, it was not the top priority.

At the end of the meal, our hosts lit up a bonfire which added another dimension to the experience.

Finally, as the meal ended, we needed to head back to the hotel in order to be back in time for the curfew. The nightcap for the evening was sailing back under only the moonlight, the band still with us on the boat, and still playing, which was the perfect was to end day 2 in French Polynesia. On to Day 3…

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