Fuhu – With Some Places, it is Obvious They Won’t Last

Sometimes its obvious when a restaurant won’t last very long. Its usually some combination of a poorly executed concept, in a poor location, with overpriced food and with service that needs improvement. Unfortunately, Fuhu, in Resort World, is one of those places.

I was really looking forward to Resort World in Vegas which is in itself, also a disappointment. We went on opening weekend in July 2021. For one, the layout of the resort is awkward. For example, you can see shops on the second floor from the main floor, but its a complete hassle to access the second floor. There are no convenient place to go up from wherever you happen to be, and the signage is even worse. Also, there are a large number of restaurants but the concepts and websites are confusing with no clear distinction between the many different types of Asian venues.

One of the only things I enjoyed about Resort World was one of the bars – Starlight on 66. The view of the Strip is incredible from up there:

However, even with this venue, there were issues; like the door blowing open and having to have an employee sit there to keep the doors from knocking people over (hopefully, they have fixed this by now):

Anyway, back to Fuhu. Its a sort of Asian Fusion scene place. We started with the toro tartare. This was delicious, but not $35 delicious for the portion size; and I know most people will try it once, agree its delicious, but not return.

Next, the uni tempura. This was not well executed with very little uni, lots of filler ingredients, and nothing really gained from serving uni in this manner (it looks like they have taken this off the menu now).

Next, a negitoro roll, that was just basic and nothing to justify the $25 premium.

Lastly, we had the “Highland Roll” for $150. It consisted of king crab, toro, A5 wagyu, ikura, and truffle. It sounded good on paper, but again, not well executed. The rice needed work and the ingredients were just thrown together in a manner that did not make sense.

Overall, service was not good. It was VERY slow. Long pauses in between dishes and slow drink service. It was probably due to opening weekend so I hope they have worked these things out. Given the service, location, food and prices, I predict this will not be around too much longer.

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