Peking Gourmet Inn – trust a world leader for food recommendations?

Peking Gourmet Inn is a Chinese restaurant located in Falls Church, Virginia, about a 20 minute drive from Washington, DC. It is known for its Peking Duck. There were three reasons I wanted to try this place:

  1. I love Peking Duck
  2. We had been travelling for almost 2 months and hadn’t had a good Chinese meal
  3. It was supposedly the favorite restaurant of people like George Bush and other world leaders/celebrities. In fact, the walls of the restaurant are filled with famous people

Upon arrival I saw small details like custom plates which is usually a good sign.

We started with the Peking duck which was carved tableside and came with all the usual accompaniments.

I would say it is just OK. My benchmark for Peking duck is Imperial Treasure Super Peking (ITSP) Duck in Singapore (I was going to Beijing to have Peking Duck in its location of origin, but that trip was disrupted unfortunately due to COVID). Here is a pic from ITSP. Note the difference in colors between this and the one that is the topic of this review.

To follow, we also had some noodles and spicy shrimp which were just ok also.

Overall, service was pretty good. I would say that if you are from a place with an abundance of good Chinese restaurants, you can skip this place.

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