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Cranes – Need to Go Back but Not Why You Think

Cranes is a one Michelin star restaurant in Washington DC. The concept is very interesting with a mix of Asian and Spanish. The chef worked for years in Singapore under Spanish chefs so you can see both influences in the dishes.

You can do a la carte or Omakase. We went with the later.

Overall the service was good and we were seated with the best view of the kitchen. Because it we had been travelling a lot over the past couple days, and the weather in the day was unbearably hot, my main focus of the meal was to relax, hence, my lack of commentary above. I can say I don’t recall anything really blowing me away or disappointing me. I do remember having a good time at dinner, and so, I will have to go back another time to do a proper review. Hopefully if you are undecided about whether to go, the pictures will help.

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