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“Secret”, Delicious, and Cheap, Cuban Bakery – Inside a gas Station!

Miami is home to a large Cuban population, and naturally, a lot of Cuban restaurants. One of my favorite things to get in Miami is Cuban coffee. I asked our concierge where to get the best and she replied “do you want to know where locals go”? My response was “Of course”!

….and so, here it is:

Inside the Valero gas station, at 331 23rd Street in Miami Beach, you will find this amazing Cuban bakery. There are a number of things I love about this place: a wide assortment of sweet and savory items (I have tried many of them and they are all good), you can see the bakery behind the counter so I know its freshly made on premise, and its incredibly cheap!

A lot of the stuff on display have signs in Spanish and the workers speak mainly Spanish so it may be hard to figure out what you are getting. Don’t worry, just do what I did and try as much as possible. Nothing was bad. I have had various empanadas, cheese breads etc. All good.

The coffee is good too!. This is the perfect place to go if you want t quick snack or quick lunch. Its also good to load up on stuff here if you are going on a boat or to the beach….or take back to your hotel and enjoy with the views of South Beach! Enjoy. By the way, if you enjoy reading the posts from this site, don’t forget to follow and like!

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