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Kochi – Delicious Korean Tasting Menu

Kochi is a Michelin starred Korean restaurant in NYC. They focus on skewered dishes (Kochi is Korean for skewer) and “… traditional Korean flavors elevated by the hand of gastronomic technique”.

Here was the menu for the evening:

We added the foie gras dumpling at the suggestion of the server; it is the chef’s specialty.

The first dish was the pine nut soup.

Followed by the kampachi

Crispy shrimp


The mandu – I felt that this was not worth adding.


eel bibimbap

ice cream sandwich

Overall service was pretty good though there were a few mishaps like refilling our glass with still water instead of sparkling. The food was very good and I would go back as the menu changes.

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  1. Enjoyed the video. The foie gras mandu sounded like a stretch. Can you video the next time something does not impress you? I want to hear the details

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