Published – Roller Coaster Sunday Dinner Collab V

Published has the most refined tasting menu in the city right now. Last Sunday, they hosted a collab dinner with the chef of the Nimmo Bay resort – Linnea Letourneau. Here was the menu.

The meal started with a welcome cocktail and then some snacks. Starting with the oysters.

Very well executed bite and the pairing was fantastic with the wine bringing out the briny ocean flavors of the oysters. The second snack built on the highs of the oyster. Very delicious.

…and with each subsequent snack, the flavors were built. This hiramasa was incredible. The fish was fresh and fatty and the crispy nori paired perfectly well with it.

The last snack was an uni socca. Basically uni on a chickpea crepe.

The next dish was when the first dip of the culinary high started; although it was a slight dip. The chawanmushi was delicate and the peas extremely fresh and tasty. The baby garlic was a nice touch, but I could not taste that savory dashi that makes a good chawanmushi. Presentation and colors were outstanding.

From this dip, the highs started again, with what I feel was the best dish of the evening. This was created by a culinary genius. First the sauce, had the perfect amount of acidity and then rounded out perfectly by butter. The mussels were fresh and there was a perfect amount of texture from what I believe was roasted seaweed. Truly outstanding dish.

From here another very savory dish, maitake mushroom with poached egg and a very nice broth.

After this, another dip in the meal. The next course was the squid which was just ok. The colors and presentation were good but the squid just did not do it for me.

I felt the same with the crab. I felt that it could of used more tarragon and the ratio of bread to crab was off. Not enough filling.

Lastly, the sablefish. It was well cooked.

From here the meal started to climb again; starting with the cheese course which was presented in a very creative way.

…and then ice cream puffs. The puff was fantastic and had very good crispy and soft textures. The ice cream was very delicious. Savory/saltiness from the miso and then sweetness from the caramel. Perfect balance. The sunchokes on top of the ice cream provided a nice complimentary crunch. Outstanding dessert.

Lastly, some petit fours to finish the meal.

Overall, the service was amazing. To pull off this kind of meal requires perfect prep and execution and there were no flaws in the service. Attention to detail was 110%. Every time our candle went out, someone would come by to light it. There were no gaps in the service which indicates the kitchen was operating at max efficiency. The staff were fantastic. This was a great meal with the highs very high and the dips really a function of the previous dish setting the bar so high. I can’t wait for their other Sunday dinners (and in fact, any dinner at this restaurant).

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