Alter – Almost Perfect

Alter is located in the Wynwood district of Miami.  The neighborhood is known for art/graffiti on many building walls so I definitely recommend you walk around before and after if you are into that kind of thing.  Its worth seeing.

We had the 5 course menu and added the signature soft egg.


The meal started with the only miss of the evening, the French apple soup.  To me, the onion crisp on top was too tough and the flavors were unbalanced.  The sour notes of the apple were the primary flavors coming through.  It was a deconstructed dish that was trying too hard.


Next came the wahoo marble.  Lots of different complex flavors.


Golden tile fish.  Perfectly crunchy skin and cooked fish.  The flavors were delicate and delicious.


Smoked Peking Duck. I thought that the five spice on the puff was not necessary but everything else was perfect.  The duck was cooked very well and delicious.


We added the chef’s soft egg.  The scallop espuma was wonderful.  The taste of scallops was delicate and the whole thing was like a cloud.


Dessert – radish and cheese.  The use of radish in a dessert was very well executed.  It made the dish interesting by adding a texture not normally found in a dessert.  Nothing was too sweet and it was overall, a good ending.


The restaurant also provided some petite fours to end the meal.  The truffle was made from a balled avocado.  I thought that this was a very creative touch.  The whole thing was creamy, with nice chocolate flavors.


Overall, service was ok and the food was very good.  Price was very reasonable for the quality of the meal.  I would come back as the menu changes.  9/10


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