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Buca – Always One of Toronto’s Finest

There are two locations of Buca in Toronto.  Both are outstanding.  Its a restaurant I try to visit every time I am in the city.  Someone from Toronto recently asked me where I like to eat when I am in town, upon responding “Buca” he responded “That’s a no brainer, its like saying you like Ferarri!”  Its consistent, and the service is good.

We recently had dinner here and it was as expected, excellent.

First, they make salumi from fish.  We had the salmon and tuna.  They also serve them with gnocco fritto (made with squid ink) so you can make sandwiches like they do in Emilia Romagna.


Next, we had two pasta courses.  Duck egg pasta with a duck offal ragu.  Delicious.


Seafood pasta.  Also delicious.


…and an INCREDIBLE risotto with parmigiano reggiano and truffles.  It was heavenly and no one could believe how good it tasted.


For our main, we had bone in Rib Eye with mushrooms.  Perfectly cooked.


As it was also my birthday, the staff gave me a present – all the ingredients needed to make cacio e pepe at home!  This was a very thoughtful and unique restaurant gift.


Overall, food and service were excellent.  I would recommend going again, and again, and again. 10/10

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