Forget the Blue Lagoon, Do This Instead

On the last night in Iceland, we stayed at the Silica Hotel at the Blue Lagoon.  Its in a good location for a next day departure as it is only 20 minutes from the airport.  The rooms are clean and modern.  The bathrooms are very nice.  We booked a “deluxe” room which is basically one with the lagoon right outside your door.  Note that you cannot actually go into the lagoon from your room; its only for the view.  If I were to stay here again, I would book a cheaper lava or mountain view.  The room is good for Instagram, but not much else.


view from patio of room

Enough about the room, the real reason you come here is to take advantage of the hotel’s private lagoon just off the lobby.


You basically get this all to yourself.


When you book a room at the hotel, they give you “premium entry” into the Blue Lagoon.  However, the Blue Lagoon is crowded with tourists, large bus loads of people etc.  You are also basically at a public pool and have to deal with lockers, securing spots, going from the change room to cold to the pool and vice versa, and every other inconvenience.  Using the hotel’s private lagoon you have the following benefits:

  • Privacy – when we went, there were only two other people there.  Later, 4 others came.  However, the lagoon is so large, you can easily find your own private spot and feel as if you have the whole place to yourself.
  • Comfort – the changing rooms are indoor, and lead to an indoor pool that leads to the outdoor lagoon.  You never have to go from warm to cold or cold to warm.
  • Amenities – the hotel provides towels, robes, slippers, four kinds of face masks (exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate, and nourish), and mud.  The bottom of the pool is covered in mud too.  When you get out, your skin will feel very soft.

In summary, we skipped the Blue Lagoon altogether.  We did go there for dinner, but I saw no point to actually go into the lagoon.  You get the same experience, and any health benefits (its from the same water) in the hotel’s lagoon without all the hassle.

On a final note, the breakfast buffet provided by the hotel is fantastic.

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