Singapore, being one of the most prominent cities in the world, will provide you with a different kind of experience from the one you could expect from other Asian capital cities. Don’t miss my 10 Tips for Your First Trip to Singapore!

Language: Most locals are bilingual—proficient in English and either Mandarin, Malay, or Tamil.

Currency: The Singaporean dollar (SGD) is the currency of choice here. Currently, $1 U.S. dollar will get you $1.33 in Singapore dollars.

When you’re budgeting for your trip here, keep in mind that Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. While you can find some bargains in Malaysia and Indonesia, Singapore is expensive so expect to spend the same as you would in a big American or European city.

Cards + Cash: Credit cards are widely accepted, but you should still carry some cash for food stalls, coffee shops, and other small purchases.

Climate: Temperatures in Singapore are consistent all year. Typically, on any given day, you will see temperatures between 75-89 degrees Fahrenheit (24-32 degrees Celsius). The humidity level is high; the country sees an average of 167 days of rain per year, so bring that umbrella!

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