A Quick Guide to Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is upon us. Never heard of it? No worries! That’s what I’m here for. Here is a quick guide to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that’ll have you booking your flight to Scotland ASAP!

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Before the Fringe Festival, there was the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) which was also a performing arts festival, it was just a bit more formal and acts had to be invited to perform. In 1947, the Fringe Festival was created when a large number of performers showed up to host their own shows.

Ironically it was located on the “fringe” of EIF and thus the name was created!

Today the Edinburgh Fringe is significantly larger (in terms of performances) than EIF. In fact, it’s larger than any other festival in Edinburgh! The biggest reason for this is because it is an open-access festival.

That means absolutely anyone can perform, no need for an invitation. This means you get a wide variety of artists and talent which makes it quite the experience!

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