Four things to enjoy in Saskatchewan

Due to COVID making international travel difficult, we decided to see as much of Canada as possible, including places that were not high on our list of places to see. One of these places, is the Province of Saskatchewan. Although my visit was short, it was worth the visit.

Although probably not high on people’s list when visiting Canada, my visit to Saskatchewan was a positive experience and enjoyable. What are you favorite things to do in SK?

Food Reviews - Regina

Houston Pizza – Regina Style Pizza

Exploring Canada, I have discovered new ingredients and dishes. I would argue that Canada lacks regional cuisine, widespread popularity of different local ingredients across the country, and passion for such, with the exception of Quebec. Contrast this to the USA where there is Creole cooking, BBQ and various other regional cuisines, and long standing passionate debates about who has the best Philly Cheesesteak or NYC Bagel.

As such, I was excited to discover, while doing research on where to eat in Regina, Saskatchewan, something called “Regina Style Pizza”.



Hearth is a restaurant located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, that captures “Saskatchewan’s unique terroir through a dinner”.

It was good to see this type of restaurant in Saskatoon. The food and service were good. The use of ingredients local to the province was definitely something we appreciated. I would return if I was in the province again.


Baba’s Homestyle Perogies

Other than the pleasure gained from eating, food is also a reflection of history. You can learn a lot about an area based on an analysis of the food in a particular region. Enter Saskatchewan, The Ukraine and Perogies.

From my limited time in Saskatchewan, I noticed that many menus had some form of perogies on them. From the Government of Saskatchewan’s website, I learned that:

“Saskatchewan has had a long relationship with the country of Ukraine.

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