Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World

The last trip I took before the world essentially shut down due to the Corona Virus was to the Hot Air Balloon Capital of the world – Albuquerque, New Mexico.

They have an annual event which I hope will still be on this year. I have made it a point to attend at some point in the future.

Anyway, one of the reasons we went to Albuquerque was to take our first ride in a hot air balloon. I choose Rainbow Ryders because of the positive reviews online – they are well deserved!


Cheap, Fast, and Delicious

Here are some of the places we ate in Albuquerque that won’t break the bank and were delicious.
El Molero Fajitas (Santa Fe)
This is a fajita food cart located in the Santa Fe Plaza. They only had chicken the day we went.

The flavors were delicious and the nice thing is you can sit on one of the benches in the plaza and eat and people (or dog) watch.


High Noon

As mentioned in my previous post, it was difficult to find places to eat in Albuquerque, especially for dinner. As you can tell from the featured image I chose for this post, I am not proud of the food pics from this place!

The restaurant itself is in the old town and the setting is quite nice in a Western, old town New Mexico kind of way.

We started with the tres amigo which is basically chips and cheese, salsa, and guac. Nothing remarkable.


Campo at Los Poblanos

Doing research on where to eat in Albuquerque was difficult. There was almost no consensus online….except for Campo at Los Poblanos. The restaurant is located at the Los Poblanos inn. The grounds are beautiful.

Upon arrival, the restaurant was busy and the crowd could of been pulled from a much larger more cosmopolitan city. The restaurant has a chefs table in the kitchen which I will make a note of to try next time I am in town. I want to return for the annual balloon festival. The bar area was very inviting as well.


Mary & Tito’s Authentic New Mexican Cuisine

New Mexican cuisine has influences of Mexican, Spanish, Native and American cultures. Sounded promising. It is also known for its use of New Mexican chili peppers – red and green. I was excited about our first meal in this state, and was hoping is would be as delicious as Texas, where the local Tex-Mex cuisine also had similar influences.

Mary and Tito’s serves authentic New Mexican cuisine, and has been around since 1963.

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