The idea of visiting the country of Guatemala had been on the periphery for me for years. While traveling around South America in 2012, I heard nothing but positive stories and strong sentiments about how special the country was from other travelers.

While I never made it into Central America that year, Guatemala had made its way onto my gastronomical bucket list. In December 2018, with no solid plan in place, I decided it was time to make my trip to Guatemala a reality.

The city of Antigua exceeded all expectations. A small colonial town that dates back to the 1500s, it’s now considered a Unesco World Heritage site, and for a good reason.

The streets are absolutely breathtaking and open your eyes to a feeling of magic around every corner. I could not get over how incredibly charming everything about this place was; I would recommend it in a second.

Here’s my guide on where to find the best food in Antigua from my week in Guatemala!

About 10 minutes outside the city, Caoba Farms is a sprawling piece of land. It’s home to an organic grocery store, several pop up shops, a massive garden and greenhouse, and at the center, a true farm-to-table outdoor restaurant experience.

Here we sampled the bean and quinoa burger topped with hummus, spinach, avocado, tomato and cheese, and the falafel plate with veggies and fresh dips. We ate to the tunes of some live music playing as we relaxed and dined amongst the greenery and warm sunshine.

Bistro 5 is a charming little French place that we stumbled into for a glass of whiskey on our first night in town. Dimly lit with peeling exposed brick walls, the restaurant does its best to mimic a Parisian atmosphere from years back, complete with pommes frites and kitschy mermaid lamps on the bar.

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