11 Places to Visit in Denmark (That Aren’t Copenhagen)

There are so many under-the-radar places to visit in Denmark. Here are the top places to visit that aren’t Copenhagen!

This guest post is courtesy of Lindley, the travel blogger behind Lindley Loraine!

Originally from New Mexico, USA, I am a small-town girl gone global. My husband is a professional basketball player, and his career has us chasing big travel dreams in Europe.

We have spent the last three years living in Denmark. The people are kind, laid-back, and nearly all speak perfect English. Traveling around Denmark is easy and rather quick because the country is so small.

Though Copenhagen is one of the most popular spots to visit in Denmark—there are so many under-the-radar places that are just as cool!

As Denmark is a Nordic country, the seasons are quite extreme. If you get the chance to visit, I’d highly recommend coming during the summer months. Summer days have nearly 18 hours of sunlight, and the weather is divine.

However, if you’re traveling in the winter months, the holiday season is extremely magical in Denmark (though quite cold!). Bundle up and enjoy all the enchantments of the famous Christmas markets!

Where to Find the Best Food in Copenhagen

The food scene in Copenhagen is exceptional, and has become quite a foodie destination. Here’s my guide to the best food in Copenhagen!

I had been to Copenhagen once before in 2008, on what was actually my very first venture in solo travel. I remember feeling completely liberated, but also undoubtedly a bit scared, nervous and not completely sure of what I was getting myself into.

My second stint in Copenhagen was one that I initially did intend on going at alone. What I find often happens these days though, is exactly what happened in this particular instance. I was having brunch with my cousin, I told her that in two weeks I was jetting off to CPH over the pending Memorial Day weekend, and she looked at me and said “I’ll come.”

I wasn’t sure if I believed her, but like the true jetsetter she is, she very quickly turned it around and made it happen.

The food scene in Copenhagen is exceptional, and the creator of many a destination on the international food map. Noma was born here after all, and from that has spun off hits like Amass, Ralae and Bror. It certainly doesn’t stop there though.

So Skagen is the northernmost point in Denmark, where the North and Baltic Sea meet. It’s typical Danish tradition to go out into the ocean and stand with one foot in each sea. In the summer, Danes hang out on this shore all night, since the sun hardly goes down.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll come upon some seals. Also nearby is Råbjerg Mile, which is the largest migrating sand dune in Northern Europe.

There are a couple of places around the world that I often find myself thinking of and wishing I could eat at regularly. Atelier September is more of a cafe than a restaurant, but it’s still one of them.

It’s housed in a beautiful old antique store that feels French and flirty. The avocado toast is gorgeous, and the yogurt with granola and fresh berries is a must, too.

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