Czech Republic

How to Travel Prague on a Budget

If you are in Europe and want a quick, cheap weekend getaway, this is a great choice. Here’s how to travel Prague on a budget!

5 Romantic Places for Couples in the Czech Republic

Our favorite memories from our summer Europe trip are all the romantic places in the Czech Republic- Prague, Pilsen and more!

A Perfect Day in Prague

I only had a single to day spend in Prague but, lucky for me, it was just enough time to see some of the city’s most famous sites.

If you’re in the European Union, you can easily get to Prague by train. I’d recommend looking into the Eurail pass if you are doing a lot of travel through Europe and want to save some money.

The Eurail pass gives you unlimited train travel for the amount of time and European countries you choose.

You can also fly into the Prague International Airport — find the best deals on GoEuro or Skyscanner. The cheaper airlines in Europe are RyanAir, EasyJet, and Transavia.

Once you’re there, public transportation is very easy to use, and you can get around most of the city by the tram, which is free. Sometimes taxis can take advantage of foreigners and charge higher prices, so if you need to travel farther distances, use Uber.

The most iconic bridge in Prague and arguably one of the most iconic bridges in Europe. The Charles Bridge is 700 years old and has carried many travelers from the center of Prague toward the castle side of the Vltava River.

The bridge gets quite crowded, but it never loses that sense of magic. You’ll see artists painting as your ears start to pick up on the locals playing music in hopes for tips.

One of the nights we were in Prague was actually during a super moon. As such, we had the chance to see a super moon hovering over the bridge as we walked down from the castle and into the center of the city.

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