The Ultimate Hiking Guide to Torres del Paine, Chile

As one of the most Southern National Parks in the world, Torres Del Paine is a place you’ll want to visit at least once in your life. Here’s the guide for how to make your trip to Torres Del Paine the best trip yet!

The Ultimate Hiking Guide to Torres del Paine, Chile

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The Ultimate Hiking Guide to Torres del Paine, Chile

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Due to its extreme southern location, the Torres del Paine is a seasonal destination. Most people visit from December – February, during Chilean summer.

At this time, February especially, you can expect the park to be at its capacity with many people on the trails. The wind and rain can also be a problem in the park and the windiest and wettest months are January and March.

In my opinion, the best time to visit the park is at the beginning of December or at the beginning of March—most of the crowds have dispersed but it’s not yet too cold to not camp.

If you’re feeling brave, visiting in the winter (May-September) is also an option but you’ll have to stay in hotels rather than camp and be prepared for limited hours of daylight.

Due to its location in the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed—meaning summer is December-February and winter falls from June-August.

Buenos Aires and the north are year-round destinations whereas it’s best to visit Patagonia in the summer or shoulder season (November or March).

The other factor is the economy. Argentina’s economy is anything but stable and in 2019 the country had an inflation rate of 53%. The Argentine peso fluctuates rapidly over the dollar.

Definitely take a look at what the exchange rate is as you are planning your trip!

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